Harmony Lodge #241 - Whitestone, NY
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“Harmony being the support of all institutions, especially this of ours.”

Instituted December 24th, 1851
Consolidated September 19th, 1995

Whitestone Masonic Temple
149-39  11th Avenue
Whitestone, NY 11357-1720
(718) 746-9604

Stated Communications
First and Third Fridays


Newly elected Officers for 2014 -2015

Line Officers:  M-W Alan Scneider, Senior Warden - Br Emmanuel Morley,  Junior Warden - Br. Greg Matthaey, Senior Deacon - Br. Ali Mohsen, Junior Deacon - Br. Samir Abady, SMC - Br. Romeo Casiano, JMC - Br. Anthony Miranda, Steward - Br. Frank Collins.
Term Programs for 2014-2015   Birthdays

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Queens Masonic District

2014-15 Officer Installation            

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Grand Lodge of New York
Harmony Lodge #241
149-39 11th Ave
Whitestone, NY 11357

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