I take my hat off as my respect and salute to the previous leaders and all our brothers who made all these triumphs possible. Nonetheless, we must neither remain contented nor be complacent to rest on the laurels we have attained in the past. My installation signifies the chance to positively look forward to what lies ahead. We must all perceive this coming year as the beginning of an era of conscientious efforts to accomplish our purposes. Although we have recognized our remarkable achievements earlier, however, we should also acknowledge that a great deal of Mason work remains to be done. 

In simple statement, our basic mission is to improve and develop ourselves for us to uplift our community. Our brotherhood aim may appear ambitious and our community-serving association may not be unique. But as we strive to fulfill it, let us be guided by thinking that the work we do for our self-improvement and for the betterment of our society is a task that no one else can or will accomplish for us. It is solely our personal responsibility and let us make it part of our lifetime journey. Let us all be continuously transformed—in our thoughts, our perceptions, our aspirations and our actions while diligently upholding all our core values as Masons: our spiritual essence, moral uprightness, gentlemanliness and genuine brotherhood (brotherly love).

Robin Sharma, a Canadian writer and one of the top leadership expert said, “Investing in oneself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the life of all those around you.” I earnestly urge everyone to endlessly grow and improve individually. Socrates, a classical Greek moral philosopher, once quoted, “to move the world, we must first move ourselves.” It must all begin within us. Each one should make the conscious effort towards personal development and must always start to do the initial step. As Doug Firebaugh, the US host of The Millionaire Road daily talk radio show, author, entrepreneur and speaker best stated, “Everyday do something that will inch you closer for a better tomorrow”. This way, gradually and collectively, as brothers, we can build a better community for a brighter tomorrow!

In fulfilling this, I encourage all to be equipped with our Masonic fundamental principles or the two Greatest Commandments: foremost, our belief and ultimate love to our Supreme Architect of the Universe, and secondarily, our love for our neighbor as ourselves.  These basic tenets should be used as our driving force or our steering wheel to go on. Jointly, let us continue to soar our wings higher in reaching out especially to those in need, regardless of age, race, and origin, even going beyond borders or boundaries.

Lastly, allow me to extend my sincerest gratitude to all our past leaders and fellow brothers here and from other masonic lodges in paving the way for my installation. Your relentless support and commitment for our continuous success as a team are highly needed and appreciated. Real service that is enveloped with genuine brotherly love and concern will be the utmost priority under my proactive leadership. May God bless all our endeavors for the betterment of ourselves, our community, and our society, as a whole.

If you have questions or would like to join us in our ancient fraternity, you can do so in one of many ways. You can submit questions or inquiries from our website’s contact us page; you can pay us a visit at our lodge in Whitestone or you can contact me at worshipful_master@harmony241.org or our webmaster at webmaster@harmony241.org at any time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ramon Mojica

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